2 Inch Letters for Mini Statement Shelves - LETTERS ONLY

2 Inch Letters for Mini Statement Shelves - LETTERS ONLY

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This listing is for 2 inch laser cut mini statement shelf letters. This is for LETTERS ONLY - no shelves or hardware are included. See our statement shelves here.

Mini Statement Shelves are the smaller alternative to our best selling Statement Shelves. Perfect for encouraging quotes, holiday or vacation countdowns, love notes, and birthday announcements. It's so fun to change it up- kids love it too! Not just for the house - also great for the office or classroom!


- Letter Color: Black or White
- Letter Size: 2" tall
- Letter Material: 1/8" Cast Acrylic
- Letter Protective Masking: Yes (covered front and back - remove when ready to use)
- Character Quantity: 201 (letters, number, and punctuation symbols)

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